Thursday, May 28, 2020

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DiameterFaceWheel TypeSwivel Model No.MSRPLoad Capacity (lbs.) @ 250 - 550°FLoad Capacity @ 750° FWeight
41 38UltrathermS-524HK2-HWRSB520-95 58
41 38UltrathermS-H5242-HWRSB$193520-75 58
42Inferno Forged StlS-H524-HFSB$115720360105 58
42Inferno Forged StlS-52HK-4HFSB$117800400115 58
42Inferno MetalS-52HK-4HMB$94800400105 58
42Inferno MetalS-H524-HMB$9372036095 58
42Inferno StainlessS-52HK-4HSB$157850480175 58
42Inferno StainlessS-H524-HSB$157720360165 58
42ScorcherS-H524-HNY$42720-65 58
42ScorcherS-52HK-4HNY$42800-75 58
52Inferno Forged StlS-52HK-5HFSB$149800400127
52Inferno Forged StlS-H525-HFSB$115720360116 12
52Inferno Forged Stl6 12
52Inferno MetalS-H525-HMB$100720360116 12
52Inferno MetalS-52HK-5HMB$103960480127
52Inferno StainlessS-52HK-5HSB$204960480187
52Inferno StainlessS-H525-HSB$165720360186 12
52ScorcherS-H525-HNY$49720-76 12
62Inferno Forged StlS-52HK-6HFSB$119800400147 12
62Inferno Forged StlS-H526-HFSB$116720360137 12
62Inferno MetalS-H526-HMB$98720360127 12
62Inferno MetalS-52HK-6HMB$100960480137 12
62Inferno StainlessS-52HK-6HSB$226960480217 12
62Inferno StainlessS-H526-HSB$226720360227 12
62ScorcherS-H526-HNY$56720-87 12
62ScorcherS-52HK-6HNY$57960-97 12
82Inferno MetalS-52HK-8HMB$112960480199 12
82Inferno MetalS-H528-HMB$111720360189 12
82Inferno StainlessS-52HK-8HSB$463960480339 12
82Inferno StainlessS-H528-HSB$463720360349 12
82ScorcherS-H528-HNY$73720-99 12
82ScorcherS-52HK-8HNY$75960-109 12

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