Tuesday, October 15, 2019

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SS Workhorse | WHS

Capacity: 550 - 1600 lbs.
Wheel Diameters: 4" - 8"
  • Rugged hot forged swivel construction
  • CNC machined raceways
  • High lustre finish

SS Medium Duty | STA

Capacity: 350 - 800 lbs.
Wheel Diameters: 5" - 8"
  • Cold forged swivel construction
  • High luster finish
  • Seven wheel choices

SS Light Duty | STL

Capacity: 240 - 325 lbs.
Wheel Diameters: 3" - 5"
  • Stamped double ball raceways
  • Sealed swivel assembly standard
  • Seven wheel choices

SS V-Grooved | VSS

Capacity: 325 - 1000 lbs.
Wheel Diameters: 3" - 8"
  • Type 303 for corrosive environments
  • Choose from Delrin or SS Prec Ball Bearings
  • Custom sizes available

Stainless Steel Casters
Stainless steel casters have become the caster of choice for many harsh environments, including wash-down operations, high temperature applications, underwater environments, food processing plants, zoos and pharmaceutical factories. Hamilton offers three different series of stainless steel casters. The STL series is for light duty applications requiring capacities up to 325 lbs. per caster. For medium duty needs Hamilton offers the STA series—up to 800 lbs. per caster. And for rigorous or high-capacity requirements we offer the Stainless Workhorse made from forgings and rated up to 1,600 lbs. Each series provides a plethora of wheel selections in all the popular sizes. And you also have multiple bearing choices. Most models are stocked for same-day/next day PRONTO® delivery!
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